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In the spotlight

Sione Götte – General Manager – Château De Raay, Baarlo

Every month we put one of our partners and his or her organisation ‘in the spotlight’. This month it is Sione Götte, General Manager, of Château De Raay, Baarlo.

1. Why did you choose the position you have now?
At Château De Raay I have found a beautiful country estate with lovely rooms (castle,  garden-, and suites) and gastronomic experiences. In addition, the estate has great potential in the congress, event (music) industry. Chateau De Raay is an element of IHMG (International Hotel Management Group). The holding company of the hotel brands Sandton Hotels and Pillows Hotels. A globally focused organization with a strong base in the Netherlands and Belgium. All motivators choosing this position at Château De Raay.

2. What are the most recent developments within your company?
As of February we restyled our Restaurant and added a new Bar & Lounge to our Restaurant. We restyled our guestrooms and soon we will upgrade our meeting rooms. This summer we intend to tackle the kitchen. From June our (management) team is complete. So, in September we are completely up for it. Therefore we will organize our first great (music) event on our country estate.

3. Which challenges are you facing?
I’m just started, so I’m facing a lot of challenges. I Enjoy new people, new business, new target groups (like nature and movement / sports). Baarlo isn’t Maastricht City Center, but the other way around Maastricht City Center isn’t Baarlo.

4. What have you achieved, of which you are most proud?
I’ve learned what not to do. That has given my career a positive twist I’m proud of. But, you can only achieve something by doing it together. No one succeeds alone.

5. What do you do when you are not working?
One of my favorite things to do is spend time whit my family and friends. I enjoy traveling,  windsurfing and even listening to music on a couch with a good glass of wine or sitting in a sauna. Anything that involves warmth, I’m in!

6. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?
Despite we’re located in the Northern part of Limburg, the Maastricht Convention Bureau  give us the opportunity to increase (one of) our target market by bringing more exclusive meetings, congresses and major events to our region.

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