Maastricht on the map as a sustainable destination

In Maastricht, the aim of creating a healthy and innovative city with a high quality of life for all has brought the city’s sustainability ambitions into line with global sustainable development goals. The Maastricht Convention Bureau, together with conference venues and industry partners, shares this commitment.

Watch how our local partners step up as the driving force behind meaningful change in the events industry in ‘Maastricht Goes Green‘.

Reducing the footprint

Together with our partners, we continuously work on smart solutions. Anything to keep the footprint as small as possible.’ The shared shuttle service in the “Go to Maastricht” booking tool is an example of Maastricht’s offerings. It allows convention delegates to share taxi services with other guests arriving at an airport from other destinations around the same time. The compact nature of the city and its proximity to the convention center allows delegates to travel within the city in a sustainable way as well: By bike, foot or by electric bus.

The sustainability theme has now become a standard component of Maastricht’s digital bid books, and what the city has to offer as a ‘green’ destination. Thanks to our close partners here in the region, we have a variety of responses to requests from our organisers. Maastricht offers many ways to put sustainability into practice, in line with the organiser’s CSR policies.