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Renovation MECC Maastricht

By 11 May 2017August 16th, 2021No Comments

MECC Maastricht is on the threshold of a major renovation of the conference centre. The present-day market for trade shows and conferences is internationally oriented, and conference-goers are spoiled for choice. They have the privilege of attending events in the best cities and at the most beautiful locations. In order to remain a viable player in this market, an upgrading of our current conference centre is a must. In the next few years, nearly 30 million Euros will be invested in a renovation that will give a substantial boost to the quality the MECC offers. Not only will the venue itself be more attractive and functional, the complex will also fit in better with the local development of the Maastricht Randwyck area.

The most noticeable change will be the glass shell around the existing auditorium, the epicentre of MECC Maastricht. Not only will this be an eye-catcher in terms of appearance, but it will also offer the opportunity to literally lighten up the conference centre and make it more transparent, thanks to the addition of open spaces and spyholes. The conference centre will have a more open structure, making it easier to visitors to find their way around. Another advantage is that the reconstruction offers the opportunity to add catering businesses at street level on the Forum Square, which will also be given a more attractive design. The goal is for it to become a meeting place for thousands of people working in offices in the area.

The interior of the auditorium is also included in the renovation plans, and will be getting a complete facelift. Many new rooms and spaces will be added, the Expo Foyer will be enlarged, and the Forum Passage will be adapted to include multi-functional rooms. Not only will the new MECC offer more space for conference participants, the redesigned layout will also make it possible for two or three conferences to be held simultaneously.

The architectural firm Cepezed has created the design for this plan. The new conference centre is expected to open in late 2020.

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