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By 11 January 2021September 20th, 2021No Comments

Video 1 #MEETMAASTRICHT – Jurgen Moors – Maastricht Convention Bureau

We warmly invite you to fall in love with the city of Maastricht for your upcoming conference. In the coming weeks, you can discover the most important highlights. In this first episode meet Jurgen Moors, Managing Director Maastricht Convention Bureau. Jurgen will take you on a journey through the city of Maastricht, an intimate yet international city located in the very heart of Europe.

Video 2 #MEETMAASTRICHT – Anouk Maas – Maastricht Convention Bureau

“I love this city, and I am sure you will love it too!” In our second episode, we would like you to meet Anouk Maas, Business Development Manager Medical Associations, Maastricht Convention Bureau. Maastricht is home to many innovative companies and new manufacturers that meet in open innovation hubs. In this video, Anouk will show you how innovative Maastricht is.

Video 3 #MEETMAASTRICHT – Charles Beckers – MECC Maastricht

This week, in our third episode, we would like you to meet Charles Beckers, Sr. Business Development Manager at MECC Maastricht. Did you know that the Maastricht region is home to a unique, open innovation community, called Brighlands? Charles will tell you everything about this innovative community where more than 24.000 innovative entrepreneurs, talented researchers, and promising students contribute to ground-breaking innovations.

Video 4 #MEETMAASTRICHT – Maartje Nollen – MECC Maastricht

This week, in our fourth episode, we would like you to meet Maartje Nollen, Business Development Manager Associations at MECC Maastricht. Maartje will tell you everything about the beautiful and historic city of Maastricht. With its spacious squares, beautiful churches, cozy cobblestone alleys, almost 6000 hotel rooms in and around  Maastricht, and an abundance of nature right in our backyards we can guarantee a wonderful stay for your next conference!

Video 5 #MEETMAASTRICHT – Last Episode “Expansion and Innovation MECC Maastricht”

In this last episode, we tell you everything about the large innovation and expansion of Maastricht’s state-of-the-art convention center MECC Maastricht. The renovated facility will be able to accommodate up to 5.000 participants in a compact set up and their purpose is to be of even better service to their clients. With their full-service package, they go beyond boundaries to exceed your expectations and surprise you with a five-star experience. Discover the new MECC Maastricht now!

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