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Harrie van Beers

By 4 April 2018May 7th, 2019No Comments

Every month we put one of our partners and his organisation ‘in the spotlight’.  This month it is Harrie van Beers, director of Abdij Rolduc BV.

1. Why did you choose the position you have now?
I chose this position because it is very versatile and varied. Rolduc is a business with a lot of different sides to it. It is a restaurant and hotel, but also rents out living spaces, office space, sells land and it is one of the biggest monuments of the Netherlands.

2. What are the most recent developments within your company?
Rolduc Abbey is always growing and changing, so there are a lot of developments.

Firstly, in human resources: recently all the catering activities were housed under a separate business unit: Abdij Rolduc BV. This caused a few personnel consequences. Rolduc had its own CAO until January 1st 2018. For personnel that joined Abdij Rolduc BV after this date, the catering CAO will apply. After the 1st of January a few organizational changes were made and we will keep working on this matter in the upcoming years.

Secondly, renovation: at the end of last year we renovated one of our banquet rooms (de Kleine Eetzaal). This room was dated, but with the help of Sutherland Design, the specialist in hotel-interior, the room has been transformed to an ambient room where intimate meetings of up to 40 people can lunch or dine.

Furthermore, we are busy renovating the beautiful walled Abbey garden. In 2011 a plan with a vision, written out in three phases was drafted. We have now entered the last phase. The Chestnut trees have been felled and the clinkers have been removed. Furthermore, there are lawns laid out with two flower beds in the style of the flowerbed in the middle area, between cour and vineyard. The layout of the new courtyard is made so that markets can still be held here. The intention is for the work to be completed in the spring of 2018

What also needs to be mentioned are the investments that are currently being made to ensure fire safety within the buildings of the monumental abbey as much as possible. This includes additional fire-resistant doors and automatic reporting to the alarm center. This also contributes to a pleasant stay for our guests.

3. Which challenges are you facing?
Rolduc must become more commercial. Where possible, renovations within the building should be realized while retaining the monumental values. The Parkstad Region has taken significant steps in recent years to be recognized as a tourist region. This requires a lot of attention in the upcoming years.

4. What have you achieved, of which you are most proud?
The process of renovating hotel rooms has been continued. The turnover has risen considerably. The name recognition of Rolduc as a catering company has increased. The public appreciation for Rolduc has increased as well. I am proud that we have managed to achieve this together.

5. What do you do when you are not working?
Walking, reading, traveling, administrative activities and eating out.

6. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?
I hope that the MCB will be able to give Rolduc Abbey and thus this region, which in many areas is still an undiscovered gem, better name recognition. Not only Maastricht is worth visiting; looking a few kilometres further will not disappoint!

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