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Danny Keppels

By 31 October 2017May 7th, 2019No Comments

Each month, we aim our spotlight at one of our regional partners. What are the developments within their company? What are the challenges? In short: you will not only get to know the person better, but also the company where he or she works. This month’s In the spotlight guest is Danny Keppels, Director of the Estate Management Group.

1. Why did you choose the position you have now?
Since my childhood, it has been my goal to become an entrepreneur. The only question was when I would have the opportunity to become one. Through experiences with various employers in different fields and challenging functions I finally gained a lot of expertise in the event and hospitality business.

At a certain point, it was clear that I would become an entrepreneur in this wonderful industry.

Every day is different and one of the things I love the most, is to be busy with creative developments.

2. What are the most recent developments within your company? (HR/renovation plans etc.)
We are always busy with creating partnerships, with unique partners in our area of expertise. For example, we have recently signed a partnership with Hutten Catering. Hutten is a fast-growing company within the region and we as EMG and The Event Architect think it is very nice to see that we are a part of this development. We have already picked up some projects together and recently we have started our promotion at the Brightland Campus.

Another example is our partnership with Holland Casino in Valkenburg, this is starting to look amazing. At this moment there is still a room that is being renovated and as soon as this opens in 2018, we expect that we can create a lot of events here.

3. Which challenges are you facing?
As an entrepreneur, you face challenges every day. A big challenge in the future will be the recruitment of good staff. This already becomes visible in our flexible team.

One of the things  that I notice is that the younger generation doesn’t want to commit itself for a longer time and is only focused on the short term. People are not aware of the impact they can bring about in an organisation, if you only focus on the short term. Unfortunately, they are only looking after themselves and not after the organisation.
But, I will continue to search for the exceptional employees, who share the same DNA and I will create my perfect organisation.

4. What have you achieved, that you are most proud of?
I am proud of all the partnerships with all of these beautiful partners, some of them are already existing for a very long time, which makes them really valuable.

Another thing that I am proud of, is of all our employees, they have all grown in their own way and they are still growing as event architects every day.

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?
Maastricht Convention Bureau means a lot to me. I think that most people don’t realise how important this organisation is for all the companies in the Maastricht Region. The collaboration with  Maastricht Convention Bureau can mean a lot for your own organisation and definitely adds value to the promotion of your business.

Last year at the IBTM in Barcelona and this year at Imex in Frankfurt I have seen with my own eyes how motivated and passionate the MCB team handles the business and establishes new contacts with congress organisations and associations.

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