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Camille Oostwegel jr.

By 18 April 2017May 7th, 2019No Comments

Now that we have a new feature A word from the expert, our feature In the spotlight slightly changed. As of today, we aim our spotlight at one of our regional partners. What are the developments within their company? What are the challenges? In short: you will not only get to know the person better, but also the company where he or she works. Our first In the spotlight guest “new style” is Camille Oostwegel jr., Director Business Development of the Oostwegel Collection:

1. Why did you choose the position you have now?
“The position of Director Business Development is a position I have since July 2015 and which fits the experiences I have from working abroad. The plan is that eventually, within the next three years, I take over the family business from my father.”

2. What are the most recent developments within your company? (HR/renovation plans etc.)
“Since the beginning of January, the St. Gerlach Pavilion & Castle farm at St. Gerlach are open. At the St. Gerlach Pavilion, 3 multi functional meeting rooms can be used, seperately or combined (850m2). This means that a large variety of meetings and events up to 750 guests become possible. As an addition to the pavilion, there are 6 break-out rooms at the castle farm and at Burgemeester Quicx, Coffee & More.”

3. Which challenges are you facing?
“The challenge for our company is the way we explain our location and accessibility to foreign guests. We often notice that guests find it strange to hear they can best fly to an international airport in Germany or Belgium whilst their end destination is the Netherlands.”

4. What have you achieved, of which you are most proud?
“I am most proud of the staff members who create new memories for themselves and our guests every day. This is something that lasts and which is very important for the complete and positive experience of the working place as well as a place to stay for our guestst.”

5. What does the Maastricht Convention Bureau mean to you?
“The Maastricht Convention Bureau is an important drive, bringing large conferences to Maastricht. The whole region profits from the hard work Jurgen Moors and his team put into the acquisition of conferences. After all, all conference delegates need a place to stay and a place to eat.”


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