‘Magical Maastricht’

Pre Tour IBTM

It’s almost time once again for Magical Maastricht! This three-day tour is a joint initiative of MECC Maastricht and Maastricht Convention Bureau to learn more about the city of Maastricht and the recently renovated MECC Maastricht conference centre.

Experience the magic of Maastricht covered with christmas lights, enjoy the hospitality and deepdive into Maastricht’s scientifc and innovative side. Meet the most European city of the Netherlands,  where history meets innovation, luxury meets knowledge, fine dining meets future foods, and heritage meets science.

Program 25 – 27 November

Saturday 25 November 

  • 7.15 First arrivals at Brussels International
  • 8-10.30 Departure to Designhotel
  • 10-12 Check-in and leisure time
  • 12 Departure to Château St. Gerlach
  • 12.45 Lunch and tour Château St. Gerlach
  • 3 Departure to Marlstone Cave for Tour
  • 4.15 Departure to Designhotel (Leisure time)
  • 7 Departure to local restaurant Pieke Potloed
  • 7.30 Casual dinner
  • 10 Return to Designhotel

Dress code
Please wear casual clothes during the day and make sure to wear comfortable shoes. The dress code for the evening is ‘smart casual’, with comfortable shoes.

Sunday 26 November

  • 7-9 Breakfast at leisure
  • 9 Departure to Art Gallery Artichoque for workshop
  • 12 Lunch at Art Gallery Artichoque
  • 1 Maastricht City Tour
  • 3.30 Departure to Designhotel
  • 4-6 Leisure time
  • 6 Departure to Château Neercanne
  • 6.30 Tour and reception at Château Neercanne
  • 7.15 4-Courses Dinner
  • 10.30 Return to Designhotel

Please wear casual clothes during the day and make sure to wear comfortable shoes. The dress code for the closing dinner is ‘evening chic’.

Monday 27 November

  • 7-9 Breakfast at leisure
  • 9.30 Check-out and luggage handling
  • 10 Departure to MECC Maastricht
  • 10.30 Tour and presentation MECC Maastricht
  • 12 Lunch at Bar Bistro SAAM
  • 2 Visit MERLN Institute for Technology Inspired Regenerative Medicine
  • 3.30 Departure to Maastricht-Aachen Airport
  • 4 Check-in Ryanair flight FR 9906 to Barcelone El Prat
  • 5.40 Departure flight
  • 7.45 Arrival flight at Barcelona

Watch the recap of last year’s tour and get to know our local experts!

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