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Maastricht Conference City

Maastricht is the ideal conference city in the heart of Europe. Once founded by the Roman Empire, it is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. With Belgium and Germany as its direct neighbours it is only a short trip away no matter how you get there. With eight airports nearby and good international train connections, the city is easy accessible. Maastricht has a state of the art conference and exhibition center, 5.600 hotel rooms and, most important, the right community and experience to facilitate international conferences with outstanding personal service.

Why Maastricht

  • The Netherlands’ most European city;
  • Excellent accessibility;
  • Internationally acknowledged institutes and scientists;
  • Expertise in Health, Materials, Food & Nutrition and
    Smart Services;
  • Fantastic conference facilities
  • Compact city with ideal possibilities for networking;
  • Cullinairy capital with over 400 bars and restaurants;
  • Maastricht has a strong conference community
Vrijthof Maastricht Conference City
Award Winning Community Icon - Maastricht Convention Bureau

A strong award winning  congress community

Drinks while Networking at a Conference - Maastricht Conference City
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Personal assistance & supprt in getting your conference organised

Excellent Accessibility Icon - Maastricht Convention Bureau

Located in the heart of Europe, easily accessible

Stars of Europe in Maastricht - The Conference City
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Surrounded by an excellent scientific ecosystem

Health and Materials Chemelot Campus -Maastricht Conference City
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Over 35 years of experience in the meetings industry

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“There are only a few places in the world where the university, the laboratory, and the hospital are located next to each other and where they collaborate so closely together. Maastricht is one of those places. Patient care and research are literally in the same place allowing doctors in training to do research as well as taking care of their patients.”

Prof. Dr. Yasin Temel

1 October 2020

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“ I really enjoy living in the Maastricht region. It’s the perfect combination of work and living. Also, the fact that it’s not overcrowded makes the City of Maastricht a very cozy city with a friendly atmosphere. The city is very compact, and everything is reachable within a short walking- or cycling distance. And besides that, I really enjoy the hilly landscape of this region.”

Em. Prof. Dr. Herman Kingma

18 August 2020

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“I love living in Cadier and Keer, a small village nearby Maastricht. Everywhere I look around my house there’s nature. I even have my own sheep and hive. This gives me a very free and rural feeling. Also, the city of Maastricht is located within a short cycling distance and there’s plenty to do in the city. I really enjoy my life here in Maastricht.”

Prof. Dr. Nicole D. Bouvy

7 April 2020

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