They already decided for success

A word from the expert
1 October 2020

Prof. Dr. Yasin Temel

“There are only a few places in the world where the university, the laboratory, and the hospital are located next to each other and where they collaborate so closely together.…
A word from the expert
18 August 2020

Em. Prof. Dr. Herman Kingma and Dr. Raymond van de Berg

“ I really enjoy living in the Maastricht region. It’s the perfect combination of work and living. Also, the fact that it’s not overcrowded makes the City of Maastricht a…
A word from the expert
7 April 2020

Prof. Dr. Nicole D. Bouvy

“I love living in Cadier and Keer, a small village nearby Maastricht. Everywhere I look around my house there’s nature. I even have my own sheep and hive. This gives…
A word from the expert
4 March 2020

Dr. Bas Bekkers

“I will never become a true Maastrichtian but I feel more at home here than anywhere else.”
A word from the expert
1 August 2019

Prof. dr. Alfons (Boy) Houben

3rd joint conference of the European Society for Microcirculation and the European Vascular Biology Organisation (ESM-EVBO)
A word from the expert
2 July 2019

Dr. Kenneth Meijer and Dr. Guy Plasqui

ICAMPAM Congress 2019