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A word from the Expert – Marnix van Gurp

Managing director
Brightlands Materials Center

A word from the expert
4 May 2021

Marnix van Gurp – Brightlands Materials Center

“It is our mission to develop innovative materials solutions for a sustainable future” Marnix van Gurp is Managing Director of Brightlands Materials Center. Brightlands Materials Center develops innovative materials solutions…
A word from the expert
2 February 2021

Dr. Michael Boot – Vertoro

“When looking at chemistry conferences, the Brightlands Chemelot campus could be a perfect driving force, just like the Maastricht University is for health conferences. In addition, there are various interesting…
A word from the expert
2 November 2020

Dr. Wilfred Germeraad, CSO of CiMaas

“Our goal at CiMaas is to contribute to the fight against cancer. Too many people die because of this severe disease. Twenty years ago, we came to the point in…
A word from the expert
1 October 2020

Prof. Dr. Yasin Temel

“There are only a few places in the world where the university, the laboratory, and the hospital are located next to each other and where they collaborate so closely together.…
A word from the expert
18 August 2020

Em. Prof. Dr. Herman Kingma and Dr. Raymond van de Berg

“ I really enjoy living in the Maastricht region. It’s the perfect combination of work and living. Also, the fact that it’s not overcrowded makes the City of Maastricht a…
A word from the expert
7 April 2020

Prof. Dr. Nicole D. Bouvy

“I love living in Cadier and Keer, a small village nearby Maastricht. Everywhere I look around my house there’s nature. I even have my own sheep and hive. This gives…